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How to become a First Time Home Buyer

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Sounds too easy to be true, but it is! You have to start somewhere and so why not? I could write a blog about what all the steps are in bullet format. I could make sure you know everything there is to know if you read it all, but why not just start an old fashioned conversation, you and I talking about real estate in Kitsap County.

I can tell you that I can talk up a storm about that subject. You want my thoughts, my views, and my local market inside scoop? I will give it to you! Give it to you for free! All I ask is that we form a team, a team to conquer the first time buyer market game.

We can discuss your housing wants and needs, we can discuss the local Kitsap County housing market and then I can hook you up with a lender who will work with us to achieve your buying goal.

I honestly believe that in the Kitsap County area of Puget Sound it is an awesome time to be a first time home buyer! There are some great loans out there still, the interest rates are still low, there are several homes under the $200,000 price and spring is almost in the air!

Buying a home is still a perfect investment! Your loan interest can be deducted from your federal income tax, you can also deduct your property taxes and yes property values in our area will still increase. Not like the increases we saw a couple of years ago with this correction market taking place, but they will increase just at a slower pace. Owning property is still a great investment. As a first time home buyer it is an investment in your future, plan on staying in the home for 5 years and you will be fine! Plan on putting a small down-payment towards your loan and you will have some built in security.