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Simplified Overview of the Home Buying and Selling Process

Home Buying Process Simplified

Benefits of HomeOwnership

Financial Stability:

Owning your own home will help you to establish a higher financial credibility. Ever wonder why any application asks you if you own a home or if you are renting? Businesses see homeownership more favorable than renting. Of course that thought has changed over the decades and renting doesn’t have the negative connotation in our mobile society it once had.


This is one benefit that compelled me to purchase a home at a very young age. I hated renting! I wanted the independence and the privacy of living in my own place. I didn’t want to deal with a property management company or a landlord. I wanted to be able to paint the walls any color I chose, decorate with wallpaper and rip up that ugly brown carpet if I so wanted! I wanted to be able to landscape the yard to suit my lifestyle and if I wanted to have a dog – well; I was going to have a dog. No pet deposit required.


Owning a home is a very good investment. Over the years in the Kitsap County area owning a home has probably been more profitable than having stock in the market. Your home can appreciate, you lower your mortgage with each monthly payment, you make improvements that increase the value, and you can also make extra payments to the principle to lower the mortgage amount. You are investing in your net worth.


A home reflects its owner’s values and lifestyle. Owning a home can provide you with a source of pride, enjoyment and satisfaction.


A home can provide security against inflation because the value of your home increases as prices go up.


Being established in a community provides a sense of belonging, stability and security.

Tax Advantages:

Interest on your mortgage loan is deductible on your yearly personal income tax return. Many of the closing costs associated with purchasing your home are deductible, as are your property taxes. Be sure to speak with your tax advisor on possible ways to use your interest deduction to your advantage. Having a mortgage with interest can increase your monthly income when you work out a plan with an accountant. Call and ask one.