Buyers – WestSound Live! Sponsored by Homefront Realty Tue, 22 Aug 2017 10:00:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Oh, that Smell! This is NOT the House! Wed, 23 Apr 2014 21:23:59 +0000 There comes a time in every buyer tour that I will enter a home and say something crazy, like – oh, crap, or oh, my sensitive nose, or O to the MG!  Yeah, I use some silly vocabulary to describe some homes we are viewing.  This is usually followed up by the explanation of what I am concerned with and why they shouldn’t even look further or consider this home for purchase.  My buyers look at me strange sometimes when I tell them that I have talked more buyers out of houses than I have sold.  Yes, I have sold hundreds of houses but there are also hundreds I have said – NO WAY, DUDE !!

Yes, I have called some homes “pieces of crap”.  I will point out every negative I can find when I have my buyers with me.  I want my buyers to really get the best possible house for them and their circumstances.  I don’t just sell homes, I help buyers make informed GOOD decisions.  I shoot from the hip and tell it like it is.  I am not going to sugar coat a moss covered roof or tell you that with a little elbow grease all will be right with the world.  I am an avid Do It Yourself-er, so I know all about that elbow grease, which has now become tennis elbow in my joints!

When we get back in the car we chat some more about the house and the downfalls until my phone rings and I can see by the caller ID that it is the seller’s agent.  I quick tell my buyers that they are calling to get some “feedback”.  I smile real quick and answer the phone.  You bet my buyers will hear me tell the listing agent all the issues we found.  I have told an agent that the house was so filthy that we would not oblige by taking off our shoes as requested at the door.  There was dog poop in the hall!  Yeah, some agents don’t like that I speak the truth, but if not me who?  Sellers need to know this stuff!  Remember the article for sellers I wrote  7 Things that will Stop your Home Sale?  Those things really do happen!

Buying a home is a HUGE decision and should be treated as such.  We are not just out looking at pretty houses, we are out trying to find your next home.  I will be on your side and will point out all of the bad, and I will be pointing out all of the good.  There is some good stuff that gets overlooked because its not pretty, like forced air furnace – yeah, that is good!

I always tell my buyers that if it is meant to be it will be, don’t force the buying decision.  On more than one occasion a buyer has come back to me and said, “Yeah, you were right, that green house wasn’t for us, this one is”.  I know my buyers feel good about their decisions because I have given them my best.  I have been doing this for almost 20 years and I know a good house when I see one!


“The One” Might NOT be – Second Time Around Wed, 23 Apr 2014 21:19:57 +0000 Sometimes I show the best house first and sometimes I save it for the end.  Depends on where I think my buyers are in their learning curve of looking at homes.  Sometimes I am spot on and sometimes I am not!  The other day I had some buyers out that are relocating to the area from Texas.  Everything is bigger in Texas so I decided to show them the best house last.  The “best” house was the largest of the six homes we were going to see.  Three houses to see on Wed and 3 houses to see on Thursday.

When we arrived at house number 3 my buyers thought they had found “the one”.  The kitchen was open with granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances (thank you HGTV) , the great room was spacious and there was an extra room on the main level.  They didn’t even want to see any other homes.  I was a little shocked and thought – OK, lets get ready to prepare the offer.  I told them that there was one other house they must see.  I asked them to meet me at the “last” house on the list and then we would see “the one” right after for the second look, and then write the contract up.

Of course to protect their interest in the 3rd house I called the listing agent and told him that we would be writing an offer so if another offer came in to please call me.  I told him our offer would be to him on Thursday.  On Thursday I met the buyers at house number 6.  The house that was the largest and from what I thought met all  the needs they had laid out to me prior to our tour.

They LOVED it!  They loved the spacious master and realized the secondary bedrooms were larger than house number 3.  There were not stainless steel appliances but they knew that someday there could be.  You can add appliances but it takes an engineering degree to add space in bedrooms!  So, after the grand tour of house#6 we went back over to house number 3.

Today, on the second look at house number 3 they could feel the smaller square footage, the SS appliances didn’t sway them on the 2nd look.  The granite counter-tops were not that cool when it came to the smaller kitchen of the two.  What they realized was the bedrooms in house number 3 were so much smaller and didn’t fit their lifestyle with a growing family.  Now “the one” wasn’t.  Good thing they had an agent like me that listened to their needs and didn’t just stop at a sale.  Of course I love writing contracts and making sales but I enjoy a happy client much more than a commission check.

Together we make a great team and we will find you the best house out there for you!