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Your question might be, “Can you be a move-up buyer in a buyer’s market?” If you have a home to sell to move up to another home in Kitsap County, this may be the very best time. Your current home may have lost some value, but the “move up” home you have your eye on, which is larger and in a higher price range has lost some value too, probably more in comparison.

Did you know that with my Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan can save you as much as 2% of the sales price of your current Kitsap home? This could save you thousands of dollars in the selling process.

Starting TODAY and running through the end of the year, I am offering a discounted commission program to qualified Move-Up Buyers of Kitsap County.

Remember all real estate commissions are negotiable and there isn’t any set standard real estate commission, but in our area the traditional real estate commission can typically run anywhere from 5% to 6%.

Understanding that many sellers might be confused about whether or not to jump into the Kitsap Real Estate Market with all the talking heads on TV giving us the doom and gloom spiel each and everyday I wanted to implement a plan that would educate sellers in the process of selling a home in a buyer’s market and wanting to move up to another home in the same market area. I researched the internet for programs and ideas to help Move-up Buyers in my market area of Kitsap County, especially in this slow and sluggish market to realize their dreams. I came up with my Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan which will give the Move-Up Buyer an incentive to make that leap to their next home and save them thousands of dollars along the way. Remember that when you are purchasing your Move-Up Home you will be a buyer and it is a Buyer’s Market in Kitsap County. Let’s work this to your advantage as a Move-Up Buyer.

Here is how my Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan works: If you allow me to act as your Buyer’s Agent on the purchase of your next home, I will then list and sell your current home for a total commission of only 4%.

Based on a hypothetical commission of 6%, my Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan offers you a savings of over 33% in real estate commission!

Let’s look at the savings when selling a home listed at $300,000. At the traditional 6% commission rate the amount paid in commission would be $18,000, with my Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan the commission would be $12,000, a huge $6,000 savings! That is $6,000 that you keep! That is $6,000 that you can use to help purchase the next dream home!

If you have thought about selling your Kitsap area home but have been a little hesitant in today’s economic climate my Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan will give you the peace of mind and save you money in the process. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to contact me today?

Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan Highlights

  • Same professional service
  • Coordinated settlements for the sale and purchase transactions
  • An exclusive agent that handles all the details
  • Substantial savings without service sacrifice

I am a dedicated, Full Service Real Estate Professional
with 14 years of exceptional real estate experience. I only offer top of the line representation to all of my buyers and sellers. Whenever, I offer a special promotion, a discount event or a plan such as this I DO NOT discount my service.

You will find in my Bio this line, “Lots of people sell real estate, but not everyone is good at it.” It is a line that I totally believe. I want you to know that I AM good at it. Any agent can list your home in the NWMLS, but many simply won’t – or they don’t know how – to market your home properly. I do so much more than just enter your home in the NWMLS, I have a full-spectrum marketing strategy that is designed to drive traffic to your home and get you the highest offer price possible.

Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan Qualifications

  • DO NOT currently have their home listed with another Real Estate Company
  • DO NOT currently have a Buyer Agency Agreement with another Real Estate Agent
  • Must be pre-approved for the next home purchase
  • Purchase of new home must be in or around the Kitsap County area
  • If wanting to purchase New Construction I MUST accompany them on their first trip to the Model Home.

You might have some questions. If you do and are ready or researching a Move-Up home purchase then please contact me via email or phone so that I can explain the process in more detail.

So how you may ask does this commission business work?

Typically in the West Sound area when a home is sold a 5% to 6% commission is paid by the seller. Half of this commission goes the Buyer’s agent and half goes to the Listing agent.

With the Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan you list your home with me and as your Listing agent I will offer you a reduced total commission of just 4% on the sale of your home.

We will enter into a listing agreement at a rate of 4% commission. This commission which is usually split between listing and selling agents isn’t very attractive to the Buyer’s agent and so with my Move-Up Buyer’s Advantage Plan I do the division a little different to be competitive in this Buyer’s Market. I will be paid 1% and the real estate agent working with the buyers of your current home will be paid 3% to stay competitive. Just remember that even though I am reducing my commission I am NOT reducing my service!

When you purchase your next home, the Sellers of that home will also pay a commission to me as your Buyer’s Agent. Because I will earn a commission on both the sale and the purchase of your nest home, I am able to save you money when you sell.

Now, isn’t that simple? You will receive my old fashioned personal service that includes the technology of today at a huge savings!

If you would like more information, or if you would like to get started just send me an EMAIL
or call me at 360-990-1433.

Let’s get you MOVED!


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Author:Jo Soss

:: About the Author :: Jo Soss is the designated Broker and owner of Homefront Realty in Bremerton, Washington. Selling real estate in the Puget Sound area since 1994 she has vast knowledge of all aspects of a real estate transaction. Being a down to earth, service oriented professional you can expect the service you deserve from her.

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