Why didn’t my Home Sell?

3 Reasons Why Your Home Didn't Sell

 3 Reasons Your House Didn’t Sell

Your phone is ringing off the hook AFTER your home came OFF the market.  The calls are from real estate agents in your area that want you to list your home with them.  They are going to tell you that your home should have sold.  They are going to tell you that they can sell your home.  They have some kind of magic your last real estate agent didn’t have.  However, are they going to tell you the truth or are they just going to throw spaghetti on the wall like the last real estate agent.  

Spaghetti on the wall?  That’s what we at HOMEFRONT Realty call the “let’s see what happens” marketing technique.  Ever cook spaghetti?  One way to see if its done is to throw it against the wall and see if it will stick.  If it does, its done and if it doesn’t then its not. Easy and simple.  When it comes to marketing the “hey, let’s give a bunch of these ideas a try—one of ’em might work.” isn’t’ a really good technique.  

3 Reasons Your House Didn't Sell


We are going to break it down — 3 reasons why your home did not sell.  Let’s start…



1.  Price

The main reason is the price.  No matter what you have done to prepare your home for sale, no matter what marketing techniques your real estate agent used if the price isn’t right nothing else is going to help.  Was your last real estate agent honest with you on your price?  Did they let YOU price your home to sell?  If they did, why would you let them?  Who is the expert when it comes to market trends and market data in your area?   Is it you?  Probably not, but the real estate agent was too afraid to tell you the correct way to arrive at the correct price.  They were afraid that you wouldn’t list your home with them if they disagreed with your price.  They were not willing to explain and educate you on the value of a good pricing strategy.  What is the market time for a similar home in your area?  Did they talk to you about the absorption rate in your neighborhood?  Price it right and it WILL sell!

     2.  Marketing

You just can’t have a sign installed and expect someone to drive by who just so happens to be in the market for a home exactly like yours and call the number listed.  Did you realize that around 90% of home buyers start their real estate search online?  What was your last real estate agents online marketing strategy like?  Listed in the MLS, maybe a virtual tour, some photos?  Did you ever take a look at what your home’s listing  looked like on the internet?  Did you read the descriptions?  What about the photos?  Where the photos good or were they out of focus, off color or totally embarrassing?  Not a very good first impression if the photos are horrid!

HOMEFRONT Realty has several places to display your home online.  You will find your home on the company website as a featured property, on Facebook as its own business page and as a stand alone website that showcases just your home.  Of course we advertise on Zillow and Trulia and syndicate your home to over 40 other websites.    You will be found on the internet, which is where the buyers are.

     3.  Presentation

Ever here the words “curb appeal”?  If your home’s curb appeal makes for a great first impression  potential homebuyers will want to see what’s inside.  Your home must entice people to see it.  Most of the time this is done with photos.  Your home must shine inside and out.  Your home must be staged to sell.  We can either do the staging professionally or you can opt to use some of our suggestions.  Whatever way you decide to go you will need to de-clutter and deep clean.  Have you ever been to a new construction model home?That is what you want potential buyers to see – to see… NEW — their NEW HOME.



Author:Jo Soss

:: About the Author :: Jo Soss is the designated Broker and owner of Homefront Realty in Bremerton, Washington. Selling real estate in the Puget Sound area since 1994 she has vast knowledge of all aspects of a real estate transaction. Being a down to earth, service oriented professional you can expect the service you deserve from her.

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